HMLP Co., Ltd. is specialized in OILS & FATS industry,


HMLP Co., Ltd. meet the needs of the client's with gathering wisdon,
experience and technology.

ISCC certification

We are ISCC certified Trader. Also, we are a member of ISCC Association.

Rich in experience and achievements

We have various experiences and achievement in export and import of oils & fats and related products from/to Japan.

Export and Logistics using flexitank

HMLP have implemented and propose cost-saving export and logistics by using flexitank.


  • Edible Oil and Fat, including specialty processed oils and fats
  • Industrial grade oils and fats
  • Ingredient for Animal Feed
  • Used Cooking Oil for Bio Diesel and Animal Feed
  • Sustainable feedstock
  • Flexible bag for Transportation

What is Sustainability?

Sustaibility is an idea of system or process to meet current needs without compromising the ability of future generation needs in accordance with human activities influencing to environment and ecology, mineral resources such as petroleum, fishery resources, food and commodities.
Developing use of renewable energy resources is especially common standard idea for sustainability criteria in green action and energy issue.

What is ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certificate)?

ISCC is a global certification system to meet sustainability criteria of EU member states but also other countries. ISCC aims at the implementation of highest sustainability requirements. Therefore, ISCC user can implement of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production and use all kinds of biomass in global supply chains.


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